Norse American Stamps: 1925

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Norse American Stamp: 2 Cents1925 was a rather sparse year for commemorative stamps.   Only five were issued that year, a set of three Lexington-Concord stamps commemorating the early years of the Revolutionary War and a two stamp Norse American set.  The Lexington-Concord set was a nice looking set, but nothing special design wise.  The second set, although commemorating a somewhat more esoteric event, had very striking designs.  Both stamps were printed in both black and colored ink and featured sailing ships, one a 19th century Norwegian sloop (the Restaurationen) and the other a Viking ship.

Norse American Stamp: 5 CentsUnfortunately, these stamps had smaller print runs than many of the other stamps of the period and tend to be a bit more expensive, although not dreadfully so.  It looks like a mint two cent red design runs about five dollars and the blue five cent design around fifteen to twenty dollars.  Used stamps are cheaper of course, and there are probably significant variations in price due to centering, etc.  (the above prices were gathered from a quick scan of eBay!).


New Yellow Submarine Movie

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Beatles Yellow SubmarineThe original Yellow Submarine movie is, in my humble opinion, an all time classic.  The animation was both innovative and accessible, and the music was excellent (although the voices of the “Beatles” in the movie were not actually the real Beatles).  Great in it’s own right, the Yellow Submarine perfectly reflected the late 1960s.

Disney is now making a remake of the Yellow Submarine.  It’s going to be 3D and will be using the original songs from the movie (the producers have gotten the rights for the music).  I’m mixed on this – I don’t see how the movie could be better than the original, and I’m worried that the creativity, artistry and energy of the original movie will be replaced with generic 3D and CGI flair (I’m somewhat “eh” about 3D movies).  On the other hand, it might be interesting to see what they do with it.  I doubt it will stand up to the original, but hopefully it won’t be a bomb like the “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” movie from the late 1970s (although the music was interesting).

New York World’s Fair Stamp: 1939

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Here’s a cool stamp from way back in 1939, the New York World’s Fair stamp.  The fair was the biggest one ever held with nearly 45 million people attending over two years.  It was held during the Art Deco period, and featured a varied assortment of modern structures, consumer appliances and other “futuristic” (for the time) things.  New York’s first regular television broadcast was of the World’s Fair opening.  The stamp shows two of the famous buildings (in the “modern” Art Deco style of the time), the Trylon and the Perisphere.  One reason I like the stamp so much is that it has such a clean and uncluttered design and almost has the feel of both an early 20th century illustration combined with the later pulp science fiction illustrations.