Here’s an aquarium I ran across – the Labyrinth Aquarium by Opulentitems. This would be the ultimate cool aquarium. It has six globes and the lights and filter stuff are all hidden. The fish can swim between the different fish globes through the tubes. Unfortunately, it’s a single setup – it would be even cooler if it was modular and you could keep adding fishbowls and connectors like you can with a hamster trail. Still, it’s a nifty fish tank (although cleaning would be quite the bother).

It’s not cheap – the whole thing costs $6,500. Probably not going to be buying one soon (or finding one at a garage sale). The company also describes it as a rare aquarium with “rare” filtration and lighting. This just struck me as a bit strange, as I assume that manufactured lights and aquariums, no matter how cool, wouldn’t really be rare. Still, it’s a nifty looking aquarium.