The year of 1928 was somewhat lacking in interesting commemorative stamps.  Of the six stamps, three were overprinted definitive stamps and one was a small (although not badly designed) Valley Forge commemorative stamp.  Oddly, the two stamps that stand out design-wise commemorate a minor event.  The International Civil Aeronautics Conference stamp issue of two stamps, a two cent red stamp and a five cent blue stamp, both feature extremely clean designs that feature early aircraft.  The two cent stamp features the Wright Brother’s airplane they used for the first powered flight and the five cent stamp shows a 1928 airplane flying over the Washington Monument and the Capital Building.

The conference itself was held on the 25th anniversary of powered flight and took place over a number of days.  The visiting dignitaries traveled to a number of important and historic aviation sites including the Army Air Corps laboratories in Ohio, Kitty Hawk in North Carolina and Washington, D.C.